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The solo project of Usakura Beni, a multi-talented idol who also owns the Kobe, Japan store NARUHESON;S and is involved in a wide range of other activities, has changed its name to "usabeni" for this release and entered into a business partnership with the entertainment company Blute Company, established by former SSW artist Emiri Kanou. usabeni will create a more pop and cool world view and transmit it to the world.

From the mini-album to be released on October 25, 2023, the pre-release, "trip" was produced by Feww of ex.YUP YUP and producer Hyoue Yasuhara. The edgy techno sound is fused with usabeni's cute and cool voice, creating a one-of-a-kind worldview. Visual photography was done by udocorg, who has also done visuals for numerous fashion brands.

The CD, which includes a usabeni-designed T-shirt and waist pouch, is also available exclusively at NARUHESON;S ONLINE STORE.

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iTunes Store • Techno TOP SONGS • Germany • TOP 17 • 16 Sep 2023 Apple Music • Techno Top Songs • Japan • TOP 57 • 27 Oct 2023 Apple Music • Techno Top Songs • Malaysia • TOP 142 • 4 Feb 2024

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  • usabeni

    Born in 1998 in Japan, she was an early member of the idol group "avandoned" from the age of 15, and is now actively involved in self-directed solo idol/artist activities starting in 2022. She produces all of her own artwork. She has also established a local little store in Kobe, NARUHESON;S, and regularly releases apparel and zines. In addition, he has been involved in a wide range of other creative activities, including graphic design, choreography, and music video production.Creative solo idol/artist for the new era.

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