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K-BALLET Opto, Tahi Saihate & Izumi Aoyagi

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K-BALLET Opto's 3rd Production "Cinderella"
April 27th~29th 2024 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse
Tetsuya Kumakawa and K-BALLET Opto present a new "Cinderella" starring a "young carer".

K-BALLET Opto is K-BALLET's new project which has been picking up steam; its second production "Plastic" was picked up by media sources, such as The Guardian, and has been recognized globally. And now, the third production will be presented in 2024! "Cinderella's House" will focus on the perspective of a "young-carer" through the story of Cinderella. The production sheds light on her growth as she overcomes strife because of her situation, and her inner battle between loving her family and wanting to be freed from her responsibilities. This collection of poems "Cinderella" is written by Tahi Saihate who has continued to lead many poets in rebranding poetry as an artform. Please enjoy this recording of poems read by renowned actress Izumi Aoyagi.

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Apple Music • Spoken Word Top Albums • Indonesia • TOP 4 • 21 Feb 2024 Apple Music • Spoken Word Top Albums • Japan • TOP 15 • 23 Nov 2023


Apple Music • Spoken Word Top Songs • Japan • TOP 158 • 23 Nov 2023

The Day Mama Died

Apple Music • Spoken Word Top Songs • Indonesia • TOP 97 • 21 Feb 2024

I Can't Become Cinderella

Apple Music • Spoken Word Top Songs • Japan • TOP 135 • 23 Nov 2023

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  • K-BALLET Opto

    K-BALLET Opto started as a joint project between K-BALLET COMPANY, franchise company of Bunkamura Orchard Hall, and Bunkamura. Inviting emerging and significant choreographers in the current dance scene, the project aims to present original works in collaboration with other genres. By presenting dance pieces that shed light (ie:Opto) on dance from a different perspective, we aim to provide a fresh performative experience for the audience.

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