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The song of Renofa Yamaguchi FC's official mascot character, "Reno Maru", is completed!
With the motif of the fighting "lion" and the "shishi" of the restoration, it is a perfect song for "Reno Maru", which is loved by everyone.
I would like you to feel RION's feelings for Renofa and Renomaru, who are serving as the off-field stage MC for the 2023 season.
Also, please pay attention to the hands that you can enjoy with the supporters who enter the song.
I hope you will remember it and sing with me.

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  • RION

    High school's girl singer-songwriter 1st Album "Dearest" is on sale! I play the electronic-organ as "HiKaRi"",new sense music unit of Vn./Pf./El. I perform with various artists in solo activities. When I was a 2nd high school student, I made a new step as a singer-songwriter and sing around my local area. I will do my best to support everyone!

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