Spilled milk

  1. Spilled milk

>> December 3 release! Single " Spilled milk/Monaka Hinata + Wana Amai"
Concept single final chapter depicting a woman's story "Spilled milk "
Music video-

Release Details URL: http://kiilomusic.com
>> New Total Label OKOME'tic Launched!
We have guest for 5 consecutive months, monthly, daily English version, MV every release.
Guest vocals include Yuna,Wana Amai,Haru(DIALUCK), Ai Onae (POLTA), Maryy, Okome (LONDON)
Natalia Natchan (USA)Remix with Dan konopka (OK Go)and other overseas singers and remixes.
Representative and composer produce Monaka Hinata

Monaka Hinata

■6/17 Release! [Monday Cinema feat.Haru/Remix.Dan konopka,Monaka Hinata] Band "DIALUCK" vocal hull released as a guest! Remix>Dan konopka(OK Go)For details> URL:http://kiilomusic.com ■New total label OKOMETICIC start! Japanese and English versions and music videos are released monthly with guest vocals for 5 consecutive months. Featuring Artist>Haru(DIALUCK),Ai Onae(POLTA),Amai wana,Yuna,Marry. Representative and composer, produce>Monaka Hinata/ Team>OKOME Sodou The song, the MV, the jacket, all five works become one work, and it becomes a story of one woman. >akira muracco /Sound engineer>Kensuke Anraku .The concept is Japanese rice and girly We work on inclusive works in a unique way. The first mission is 5 songs, Japanese English + REMIX release (12 to 14 titles are planned) and one season is completed. The second mission will make a new attempt.

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