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In December 2023, rock band THREEOUT will release their first album ''Spiral'' after becoming a new organization.
It was announced that a new single ''Shining Star'' will be released at the sold-out tour final performance.
''Shining Star'', which is THREEOUT's first song to include Dolby Atmos (spatial audio) sound, is based on the concept of ''space'' and is
the most spectacular song among THREEOUT's past works. This work, which focuses on delicate arrangements, songs, and orchestrations that give an immersive feeling, is a step toward new possibilities for THREEOUT.
It has been decided to be released by WESTBE RECORD, a music label founded by a group of up-and-coming creators and a group of engineers working at the forefront, and will be available on various music streaming and download services from 00:00,May 15,2024.
Distribution begins. It has been decided that a one-man performance for the release of "Shining Star" will be held on June 30th. Pay attention to the future THREE OUT, which is always moving forward.

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    THREEOUT Vo/Gt. Naoto has a beautiful, powerful and emotional voice. Gt/Vo. Yusaku, who plays a technical and sharp guitar sound and sings high-tone rap songs. Dr/Cho. Ryo supports them with his powerful drums and quality chorus. The group will showcase THREEOUT's unique worldview, which is sharpened and refined from mixture rock and guitar rock. They have performed at various large-scale festivals such as TREASURE05X Main Stage, MERRY ROCK PARADE, etc. In 2018, they performed as the OA for "MAN WITH A MISSION" at Zepp Nagoya. They have distributed two full-length albums nationwide, and hold more than 100 tours a year. They have also held annual FES and other events as a live band. In February 2020, due to the withdrawal of a member and the spread of the new coronavirus, the band temporarily suspended their live activities and graduated from their label, TREASURISE RECORDS. After a period of production, they will resume their activities in 2021, and tickets for the ''Saikai no Noroshi '' event held at APOLLO BASE sold out in a few minutes. Dr. Ryo joined the band for the second sold-out performance of the restart project, ''Gouka no Noroshi ''. Overcoming various difficulties, the band made a spectacular restart. After that, the admission was restricted at FES, and tickets for many of the planned live performances were immediately sold out. In 2023, they will celebrate their 10th anniversary, and they will release the album ''Spiral'', and the final release tour in 2024 will be sold out. Accelerate activities.

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