1. Azealea

Appearance and the actress activity are the first original piece of music of singer Akira Kawakami Rei of the topic for the hero (hero) performance of the "My Hero Academia" The"Ultra "Stage genuine article for serial drama "restraint her" of the broadcast in in tokyo mx in lead, March from January, 020, too. I am finished to one piece that is a feeling of scamper drifting Rock.


A singer who loves Showa Kayo from Nara Prefecture. In March 2017, participated in the copper compilation "Sakura Girls-Spring Songs Best". Then moved to Tokyo and started live activities mainly in Tokyo. The first one-man live held in August 2019. In addition to acting as an artist, she is active as an actress, and has appeared in the 2.5D stage "Magic Teacher Negima!", Dramas and commercials.

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