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  • TOFU

    Born in Japan in 2002. TOFU gained a lot of attention on ABEMA TV's HIPHOP audition program "Rap Star Tanjou" and made their name known nationwide. Released 1st album "The Legend of the TOFU" in September 2020. The music video for the song "SAKURA feat. week dudus (prod. Homunculu$)" included in it has surpassed 700,000 views on YouTube and has attracted attention not only from Japan but also from overseas. After that, he continued to work vigorously, releasing the 2nd album "LAST TEENAGE LIFE" in 2021 and the 3rd album "OREO" in 2023. He has collaborated extensively with other artists. The artistic talent that energetically outputs without being bound by the frame of the genre is conspicuous even in the unique hip-hop scene.

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