2. Somatteyuku
  3. BABY LOVE (Cover)
  4. obsession
  5. GOLD
  6. BABY DUB (Cover)

The conceptual 1st EP based on 90's R & B, which has already been called "classic", has been well received, and the girls dance & vocal unit FAREWELL, MY Luv (commonly known as FARELUV) from Nagoya continues to make great strides. The second EP will be released.

Continuing from the previous time, in addition to Mr. Yasushi Watanabe, the main composer who provides songs to Arashi and Airi Suzuki, reggae specialist, Mr. Syunya Mori of "KODAMA AND THE DUB STATION BAND", "Matt Sounds", "Rocking Time".
Inviting Mr. Muneyoshi Matsuo of "Instant Cytron" who mixes soul-world music etc. with the theme of urban life and resort in an electric pop style, the old is new, based on the concept of "OLD TO NEW", with the HIP-HOP method This work contains 7 gems that challenge R & B, lovers rock reggae, funk, etc. into J-pop music without diluting them.

With cute visuals and high-quality songs, it is a work filled with the charm of those who are attracting attention even among fast-earing musicians / celebrities.
The bonus track includes a retake of "REFRAIN" with an impressive light piano by Mr. Ryuichi Hagi, who provides songs for Hime Kyun Fruit Kan.

The jacket artwork is by Hiroyuki Ohashi, a manga artist from Aichi, the hometown of the animation movie "Music" and the movie "Zokki".

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iTunes Store • R&B/ソウル トップアルバム • 日本 • 2位 • 2020年10月29日 iTunes Store • R&B/ソウル トップアルバム • ロシア • 70位 • 2020年11月7日 Apple Music • R&B/ソウル トップアルバム • 日本 • 95位 • 2020年10月29日 iTunes Store • R&B/ソウル トップアルバム • メキシコ • 138位 • 2020年10月31日


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