Seasonal Tone "Light"

  1. Träumerei
  2. Isuzugawa
  3. Nakaratabushi
  4. Amazing Grace

We created healing music videos which are made from calmly sound of KOTO.
It's including 4 songs which have 4 seasons "spring, summer, autumn, winter" atmosphere.
We hope you enjoy these sounds anytime you need.

"Light" includes the songs under the berrow.
Spring: Träumerei / Robert Alexander Schumann
Summer: Isuzugawa / Miyagi Michio (Partial excerpt from the original song)
Autumn: Nakaratabushi / Ryukyu classic folk song
Winter: Amazing Grace / Hymn


The sound of Koto will be close to you! Japanese people have been charmed by the sound of Koto over the millennium. But now a day, many Japanese people feel it as the music of the New Year. We hope that you feel close to it not only a new year but also usually. Kotonoha was born of this desire. Some people want to learn and play the Koto. And the other people want to listen to it rather than play it. There are various ways how to enjoy the sound of Koto. We are supporting you to feel it intimately!

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