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SQUID made this song with Masamune Tokuami (singer song writer).

The theme of this song is diversity.
"Only A or B"...... Over the past few years, this way of thinking has changed in our country. "There are as many answers as there are people"...... just like yours thoughts.

(Sometimes, we use shapes as a means of communicating our will in Japan. For example, correct or ok is circle ("maru"), wrong or no is cross ("batsu"), between A and B is triangle ("sankaku"), etc.)

Please listen. Thank you.

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    Shogo OKAWA is a Japanese composer. Born and raised in Adachi, Tokyo. A member of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc. (JFC). In 2012, started SQUID of composer unit. The concept is "make every sound a music". Characteristic of the sound of SQUID are simple melody, mixture sound of acoustic and digital, sampling (life-sound, junk-instruments), etc.

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