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"The piano becomes my magical hideaway"

While mainly performing live at concerts, Spannko also makes music for animations, movies etc. Her second album is a solo piano album. A burning fire is buried beneath the soft tone running through this album. As lively as jazz with the majestic atmosphere of classical, Spannko has created a collection of songs any listener can appreciate and also relax to. This album has songs you can listen to while in any particular mood. They flow in the vast universe of "Spannkosmo".

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Apple Music • Instrumental Top Albums • Russian Federation • TOP 33 • 6 Feb 2021

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Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Macao • TOP 199 • 14 May 2023

Pulling from the heart "into the blue crystalline forest"

Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Macao • TOP 198 • 14 May 2023

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  • spannko

    SPANNKOSMO Spannko vocal, accordion, piano Yoshito Kumasaka contrabass Tomohiro bucky Koshiishi alto saxophone Houske3 drums Spannkosmo mainly plays songs written by the band leader Spannko. Fans praise the band's performance as passionate and beautiful, where each member exhibits full-force. In 2006 Spannko formed a trio band "Fuku" with Yoshito Kumasaka on the contrabass, HONZI on the violin and Spannko on the accordion. They were invited to the Alf Prøysen Festival in Norway, and released a CD with Prøysen' Song sang in Japanese. In 2007, four months after Spannko gave birth to Housuke3, HONZI passed away. Yoshito Kumasaka took over the name of the band "Fuku" and participated at the Bulgarian art festival with the solo project "Daifuku". The collaboration with a video maker was a great success. After returning to Japan and reuniting with Bucky who had been playing at dance and stage performances, Yoshito Kumasaka formed the band "Daifuku", with Bucky and Spannko as main members. In 2010 Spannko released her 1st album "SPANNKOSMO". The CD launch concert got good reviews by its unique style : speakers were set up on 4 corners in the hall, 15 performers made a circle in the center and were surrounded by the audience. That was the start of her tour "SPANNKOSMO", around various places in Japan. At her show everybody just exist equally, just like we all are beings in the outer space ; there is no border between the audience and performers. This unique style became a much-discussed subject among fans and musicians. In the same year, they held concerts in Bulgaria as SPANNKOSMO and "Daifuku". After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, she has decided to follow her instincts ; to live wherever she wants and to do whatever she wants. In 2012 she moved from Tokyo to a rural location at the lakeside of Kizakiko, Nagano. Besides music she has started growing rice and plowing the field, while going back to her origins, the piano. In 2013 and 2014, she worked as a songwriter for movies by Izuru Kumasaka, "The werewolf game" and " The werewolf game - beast side." In the summer of 2015, she released the piano album "spannkosmo-piano". "I hope this album would be the one, which people feel relaxed in the middle of their own" said Spannko. For making CDs very special for everyone, she made 500 CD jackets hand-painted by a painter natunatuna. Spannko held exibitions and sensational live performances at various places. In 2017 the project SPANNKOSMO assimilated Spannko's music, then the band SPANNKOSMO was born : Yoshito Kumasaka on the contrabass, Koshiishi Bucky Tomohiro on the altsax, Hosuke3 on drums, Haruko on the trombone, Idehof on PA as basic members. Currently they are making the 3rd album.

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