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"Tsukiato", as known as Tsukini Ashiatowo Nokoshita rokuninnno syoujotachiha Ittainaniwomitanoka..., A new single will be digitally released on April!
This work "Seijaku BROKEN" (Yomi: Silent Broken) is being broadcast on TV Asahi every Monday Midnight. It is a monthly ED tie-up song, and it is an aggressive song with a powerful band sound pushed to the front. A song full of rock taste that was performed at the opening of the live band one-man live [Selenéde] held at Shinjuku ReNY on March 4th. Starting with the majestic strings of the opening, the world view of Tsukiato World is fully open, and it will attack all at once until the end.
The lyrics and composition are by Junxix. Also check out the music video featuring the six members as a band, and each member fascinates with their instruments!

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