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Jun lennon, a singer-songwriter from Mie, 1st Album "Quark
The album contains 8 songs with catchy melodies and fairy tale-like lyrics that make you want to listen to them again.
The miracle that is said to happen 20,000 times a day, the breath that is said to be taken 20,000 times a day, and the "now" that we are alive all give us a trace of who we are.
"Quark" is an album that allows you to face the "miracle" called "yourself".

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Apple Music • Folk Top Albums • Japan • TOP 40 • 23 Sep 2023

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  • Jun Lennon

    Also the Vo.G of LENNONS Singer-songwriter from Mie After performing at festivals in France in 2019, she will release her first album "Quark". In 2022, release "universe", a song inspired by the movie "Elder Phoenix". As for LENNONS, 3 albums will be released in 2022. Theme song for the movie "Arigato Monster" to be released in 2023. Be a radio personality for Radio Cube FM Mie's radio program "Ichimu Kakarisen" from 20:00 every Friday in the spring of 2023.

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