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Spotify • 猫とお昼寝 Afternoon Catnap

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iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 12 • 6 Jun 2020 Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Lithuania • TOP 18 • 21 Feb 2021

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  • Akio Watanabe

    Born 1984 in Japan. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays a steelpan, a guitar and an ukulele. During his working years he met the steelpan, then joined WAIWAI STEEL BAND in 2009. From January to March 2017, he travelled to Trinidad and Tobago where the instrument was originated, then joined the historic Starlift Steel Orchestra and participated in a competition. He became the first Japanese to perform in the front line of the steelpan band of 120 members. In may 2018, he self-releases a first solo album "in my room" In 2019 autumn, release a duo album "Sora Mo Sukoshi" featuring Paniyolo(Guitarist) With his cheerful personality and gentle music, he spares no effort to give supports to music productions and live performances. He is a Buddhist monk and a father of a child.

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