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"Cantaloupe Woman" is the 2nd single of THG feat.Yusuke Yamamoto.
THG who do the vanlife tour all over Japan and Brooklyn based vibraphone player Yusuke Yamamoto.
their 1st single "El Cielo Verde" won #1 on iTunes Jazz Chart(JP)
this 2nd single is nice groovy cover of Soul Jazz classic by Ben Dixon. perfect for summer! Soul Jazz with Reggae Dub feeling THG style!!!

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Cantaloupe Woman

iTunes Store • Jazz TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 1 • 19 Jul 2021 Apple Music • Jazz Top Songs • Macao • TOP 126 • 20 Apr 2024

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Cantaloupe Woman

Spotify • Modern Jazz Japan • 6 Apr 2022

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  • THG

    Toshizo Shiraishi a.k.a. THG Toshizo's 2nd single release, "P210i" became #1 on iTunes Store(JP) Jazz chart. On the same day 1st single "Kotsubo Sunset"(released 2019) has also rocketed up the ranks to reach #1 on Reggae chart. Toshizo was born in Ueda, Japan, and spent his early childhood in the Netherlands. He first picked up the guitar at the age of 17, and 3 years later moved to Boston, U.S.A. to attend Berklee College of Music. There, he learned Jazz guitar from John D. Thomas, Blues Guitar from Michael Williams, and Funk from Kenwood Dennard. Upon graduating from Berklee, Toshizo moved to New York City to learn from Mark Whitfield. After 9.11, Toshizo returned to Japan and started his own band "blissed" He has also played in many other bands such as "WESTLAND" "ALBATRUS" playing guitar and/or bass. Toshizo also produced the legendary 3day, free music festival "UEDA JOINT"(2002-2011) in his home town of Ueda City. Since 2017, Toshizo has performed as THG (Toshizo Hitori Guitar, Hitori meaning solo in Japanese) touring extensively across Japan in his camper van as a solo guitarist on The VANLIFE Tour, while continuing to play in bands such as "blissed".(original music), "IRIE JAZZ SESSION"(Jazzy Reggae), and "Play with the Earth Orchestra"(Live movie soundtrack) He is also the founder of music production label "INMYLIFE PRODUCTION". Toshizo is an endorser of Vox amps. YouTube channel

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