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After resuming activities under the 2MC1DJ configuration, RIP SLYME welcomes WISE and Emi Okamoto as featured guests, both serving as support MCs during their live performances, on their new single "Neon Lights feat. WISE & Emi Okamoto," set to be digitally released from Monday, April 15th.

FUMIYA, who has been delivering numerous diverse dance beats across genres, rides on the dazzling 80s tracks he creates, while four MCs spontaneously write down their envisioned images of the 1980s, resulting in a playful dance tune.

The story of the return of the fictional character "that guy," symbolizing the energetic and flashy 80s, not only evokes nostalgia for the vitality of the prosperous era but also carries a message from RIP SLYME, encouraging people living in today's stress society to tackle everything with a straight and positive mindset.

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Neon Lights

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Neon Lights

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    Formed in 1994, the group made its major label debut in 2001. With their lively beats, rapping, ideas, and sense of style, they have continued to make their own unique HIPHOP sound and have produced many hit songs. After going on hiatus in 2018 and leaving the group, they released their first new single "Human Nature" in April 2022 as a 2MC1DJ configuration. Since then, they have energetically continued to perform at major music festivals nationwide, provide songs to other artists and companies, make media appearances, and plan and appear on official YouTube programs. As solo artists, they are also active in various fields, utilizing their individual talents as fashion models, actors, narrators, guest performers, and songwriters.

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