1. Booyah 2018 Remixes (Breathe Carolina Extended Remix) [feat. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson]
  2. Check This (Extended Mix) [feat. Fatman Scoop]
  3. Space Jam (feat. Fatman Scoop)
  4. Time To Jack
  5. Bombjack (feat. Ambush)
  6. Atom
  7. Unity (Sensation Chile Anthem 2017) [Extended Mix]
  8. La Luna (Extended Mix)
  9. Freaks
  10. Fuck Me Up (Extended Mix) [feat. Cardi B]
  11. Party Till We Die (Extended Mix) [feat. Andrew W.K.]
  12. Al Pacino
  13. Hit The Road Jack (Extended Mix)
  14. Make It Right (Extended Mix)
  15. Summer on You (feat. Wulf)
  16. Calling On You (feat. Jake Reese)
  17. Source (Extended Mix)
  18. Thinking Of You (Extended Mix)
  19. Til The Sun Rise Up (Extended Mix)
  20. Viento
  21. Samba De Janeiro (Extended Mix)
  22. Piñata (Extended Mix)
  23. Jump & Sweat (Radio Edit) [feat. Sanjin]
  24. The Office (feat. Bobso Architect & Hosai)
  25. U Don't Know (Extended Mix) [feat. Âdïka & KaliBwoy]
  26. Body Language (Club Mix) [feat. Miranda Glory & Haris]
  27. No Letting Go (Extended Mix)
  28. Everything I Need (Extended Mix)
  29. Change My Heart
  30. Get Over (feat. CAROLYN MINX)



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