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How long you have been waiting for your neck!
Finally, THE TRASH's first album is out.
Let's share this happiness that you can listen to when you want to listen to the mood rock dancing bloody meat.


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    THE TRASH has been active since the dawn of Japanese hardcore in the early 1980s. Although it was at the dawn of hardcore, it has a unique rock and roll sense and has formed a musical genre called THE TRASH, which is not only unique to the band name, but now no one can imitate. How many people now wanted a THE TRASH album? One said, THE TRASH is not something you listen to at home, but something you watch live. Everyone thought that the album would not be possible, but after two and a half years since its formation, the TRASH album was finally released! ! ! This is a must-have album for all music junkies to listen to ♪

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