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I will take you higher!!

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  • No Gimmick Classics

    No Gimmick Classics began their career in 2008. Their unprecedented music includes major, indie and US mainstream songs, as well as unique hybrid songs that mix hip-hop with rock. These have contributed to make the band earn high recognition from music fans, club staffs and other professionals linked to the music business. No Gimmick Classics released their first band single PPH on their hip-hop label "LOW HIGH WHO?" across Japan in 2014. Tower Records Shibuya sold it in both hip-hop and rock genres, something unprecedented. PPH has since become a popular single. In 2016, Shun Kanzaki (bass guitars) and Yusaku Obinata (drums) joined the band, which caused the rhythm section to become denser. HIЯOM.S's (guitars and vocals) skills of rapping and singing with its own original flow, as well as the sound created by the combination of each of these characters, makes it impossible for the band to be categorized into hip-hop or mixed-style genre. Their sophisticated and snappy arrangement rocks the floor, and the straight, emotional, edgy but brisk sound is pure "TOKYO ORIGINAL."

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