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When you are tired both physically and mentally,what is the food you want to eat?
I don't feel like cooking, but I'm hungry.still I'll just go to bed without eating anything.
At such times, I think of the food Mrs. Mizuki cooked.
freshly cooked rice, warm soup, and homemade pickles. side dish,main dish is meat or fish,lots of vegetables.

Oh, I want to eat the meal that Mrs. Mizuki cooked.
I'll do my best until the weekend when I made a reservation.
I lost count of the number of weeks I got through with that thought.

The place where you can eat Mizuki's cooking is called "Ogawa no Jikan," and the Online Class started in June 2020 at that restaurant.
I became a student of the online class. Then he asked, "Can you write me a song to use for the opening and closing?" I was asked.
That's January 2021.
I wanted to make it in time to start my second year of classes. The day the song was written was May 30th.

"Cooking" and "Eating".
I want to make this cycle, which will be repeated throughout our lives, more enjoyable and gentle.
I wrote a song.
The title of the song was decided by the students.

At first it was a minute song.
But "please make a full version of the song!"
I made song of 3 minutes.
I had been recording this song alone in my house.
And then I recorded that song with my friends from "Ogawa no Jikan."

I hope that this handmade song will spread more delicious love song.
Please hum it in your kitchen.

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LOVE is DELICIOUS -make lots of lovely food-

iTunes Store • Country TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 11 • 18 Dec 2021

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  • Yuki

    Born in Sapporo. Singer-songwriter with a voice that gently touches people's emotions. She studied songwriting at VOICE is a music school in Fukuoka,this school produced YUI, Ayaka,and so on. Started her music career in Sapporo in 2010. at the same time, she started the "One Life Project" this project is collect messages following "Only one life" her concerts have originality style of reading message and singing. From 2012 to 2014, she was in charge of a segment called "One Life Project" on a community FM station in Sapporo. she is streaming online every Sunday at 10pm. For those who are having sleepless nights.

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