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It's a completely improvisation of the piano.
Transparency of winter air. Shade of birch in the wind. Beautiful particles of light.
I expressed the nature song that my source of security on piano.

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  • chigusa

    From Sapporo.I learned the piano from elementary school and composed own stories and the beauty of four seasons. I majored in misic at university of education.After graduation,I spent my time as an elementary school teacher in various parts of Hokkaido.I enjoyed chorus and ensemble with the children.I moved to Okinawa in2015.I've been learning jazz piano to expand the range of musical expression since 2018.In 2021,my life and my expressions have been integrated to improvise the piano. People who listened to my piano say that they are healed ,purified and it expresses the particles of light. My music is c used as the background music of the morning BGM in elementary school and planetarium music.

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