1. Ginger

Kotaro Saito, who has led the Spotify Viral 50 Japan despite being completely anonymous in 2018, has become a permanent fixture in the Spotify editorial playlist with all his subsequent tracks. His fanbase has now expanded to the United States, Asia, and Europe, and he has been invited to participate as a presenter in the SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2019 organized by Shibuya Ward, which is based on the theme of "New Rules." This event gathers individuals who are acutely sensitive to information, with the focus not only on their music but also their personality. Kotaro Saito's latest work "Ginger" is a new-generation disco sound inspired by the cityscape and urban scenes of Tokyo where he is based. At a time when it is becoming cooler and the night breeze conjures nostalgia while heralding the arrival of a new season, Kotaro Saito is still producing groovy tracks using his favored timeless vintage sounds that derive from analog synthesizers such as "Prophet-5", "Roland Juno-106" and "KORG MS-20" around 40 years after their release. This is Kotaro Saito's modern take on the revival of 1980s sounds currently sweeping the globe. Kotaro Saito has continued to work relentlessly on his activities in the scene in 2019. "Ginger" is a track that reflects the artist's sensibilities in his daily life, and like his track "Cactus" which has become popular mainly in Europe and the United States through Spotify, "Ginger" is a wonderful companion for anyone who is living or traveling in Tokyo, and is the perfect track to give your time after dusk a lively modern touch.

Kotaro Saito

Composer & Music Producer. Spent the three years of junior high school in India and during that time taught himself piano and songwriting. After graduating from Keio University he joined Hakuhodo and after five years working there he went independent and began creating music for commercials, stage productions, and shows. In 2018, "Byo no Ma" and "Brainstorm" ranked in at 1st and 2nd respectively in Japan on Spotify Viral 50. In 2019, he collaborated with many different artists; releasing a song every month. Currently, the total number of plays on Spotify have exceeded 3 million. His songs are liked throughout the world, especially in Asia, Europe, the US, and Japan and he is gaining increasing attention as he expands his influence to giving speeches and writing columns among other activities.

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