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Yumizawa day da day
This is Yumizawa's first song. It was first performed at Nishi-Kawaguchi Galaxy in Saitama Prefecture on 8/24/2023 (age 17), when Yumizawa performed at her first live concert. He had been working on this song since he was in the 6th grade of elementary school. It was not until June of his junior year of high school that he was able to finally record the song after reworking the lyrics and other details. The moment he heard the completed song, he thought, "Finally, I have my own own song! I finally have a's mine!

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  • Yumizawa

    Yumizawa (February 25, 2006) is a Japanese musician, musician, TV personality, and poetry artist. Born in Saitama Prefecture. He is 153 cm tall and his blood type is O. From positive music tone to the world of acoustic guitar. Activity motto: "Creating a fun space with everyone" / Catchphrase: "Thank you for riding with us. Let's travel together! by Yumizawa YUMIZAWORLD Secretariat

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