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A message song by ONGYA aka Postman on a lively and irresistible AKIO BEATS-produced orchestra!

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iTunes Store • Reggae TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 5 • 20 Aug 2023

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    Started playing MIC in the early 2000's. He experienced the beauty of Reggae at CLUB SPYRAL and Bar Rasta in his hometown, Kita-Osaka, and started sending out messages. In 2006, he recorded "My friend's dream" from MASH UP, Released his first 7inch record "Flower feat DION" from EN-JOINT in 2007. Live performances at clubs, bars, and festivals throughout the country in both large and small venues, including Reggae Band style and acoustic live performances. In 2014, he released "Yumemadagari ~Long Long Way~" with STEREON. Distributed by Back yaadie This song won the Best User Award of Reggae ZION 2014. 2015 Long-awaited distribution of "When You Wish Upon a Star" from BURN&GROW MUSIC, which he himself has been singing live for many years It was ranked No.1 on both iTunes and Reggae ZION. In the same year, he performed in the dream stage HIGHEST MOUNTAIN 2015 for the first time. In March 2016, the remade "HANA Feat DION" was released. HANA" was also used by professional baseball player Yuki Nomura, number 24 of the Nippon Ham Fighters, and Yuhei Namba, number 55 of the same team, as the song for their appearance at bat in "IN THE SKY". The long-awaited 1st ALBUM "The Messenger" will be released nationwide on March 2, 2016 from P-VINE RECORDS! The album has been ranked No. 1 on both iTunes and Reggae Zion for one month. The nostalgic and comfortable voice will make you sway your body. His medium tempo voice and the message he delivers captures the hearts of many people. After the release of his first album, he has not stopped making music and performing live all over the country. He has distributed a number of sound sources and will finally release his long-awaited 1st EP this fall. Please check him out in the future! ONGYA aka Postman It is a messenger who delivers a message.

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