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TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI released its first animated song Let's Swing on April 17.
Oi! Tombo, a manga popular in the Weekly Golf Digest, has started broadcasting over 1.9 million TV animations in the series!
"Let's Swing" is played by TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI (also known as Gurujo) as the ending song.Written and arranged by music director Toshitaka Shibata, the main character is Dragonfly and the anime production team Dragonfly wrote lyrics based on the feelings of Oi Tombo and the background of Tokara Island.The main vocalist is Hayashirika, the cast member of the dragonfly.

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Let's Swing

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Let's Swing

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Let's Swing

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    TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI is a female groove band formed in 2018 in Tokyo by three Japanese session musicians, Emi Kanazashi (keyboard,Vo), Juna Serita (Bass.vo) and Yuriko Seki (Drums,cho). TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI as a powerful groove band with music beyond the generations, genders, and genres. They mainly perform at various music festivals and solo live concerts. Most of the time, they get fully occupied. Since the band is formed, they have been collaborating with other musicians also. They made two music videos and the second video "WHAT IS HIP?" became huge hit (over total 2000000hit) particularly outside of Japan.Juna & Yuriko Seki will be graduated from TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI.(2020/July/Sep) New bass player Rina Hoshino & New Drummer MiMi will be join us.

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