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In the self-restraint of Corona, Riju Iizuka, an active high school student who could not do LIVE activities and closed the school, wrote the lyrics for this situation, asked the creator himself to arrange, record, etc. and recorded remotely. While creating a sound source and telling the goodness of Okinawa with a soft touch picture with the title "For those who are trying to escape to Okinawa with corona" on SNS, many "treasures of the island" are lost due to the spread of the new coronavirus Omura Om, an illustrator who conveys the danger of being crushed, sent an e-mail by empathizing with the atmosphere and message nature of the picture and offered an MV illustration. I was impressed with the song and the song and accepted the offer, and this collaboration was realized.

A work by two young female creators who desperately explored what they can do in the corona and acted, thinking that it can be transmitted even at home

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iTunes Store • Traditional Folk TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 1 • 6 Jun 2020 iTunes Store • Singer/Songwriter TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 1 • 6 Jun 2020 Apple Music • Traditional Folk Top Songs • Japan • TOP 22 • 3 Dec 2020

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  • Riju Iizuka

    17-year-old singer / songwriter who works on songwriting for himself. 145 cm small body holding a big guitar With thoughts in life-size real words Live singing powerfully is a masterpiece.

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