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  • Yvng Patra

    An artist from Niigata Prefecture, born in 2002.He belongs to Hip Hop Crew Xgang. Cool rap, aggressive lyric and catastrophic sound make headlines on Soundcloud. In March 2021, she released EP YVNG NEVER DIE, 1st album ANTI HERO in October, and in 2022 she released songs such as singles "BRAND NEW", "HERMETIC", and "Magna Scale"."In 2023, she released a song ""Tier 1"" with her ally Oddy lozy, and the performance video has exceeded 1 million views, creating viral hits mainly among the youth generation."In February, she released her 2nd album "20", which marks the turning point of 20 years old, and this work, which reveals a variety of musical qualities and her own story, received high praise.In May, he appeared at POP YOURS, one of the largest hip-hop festivals in Korea, and made his presence known nationwide as a dark hero.

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