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Isolated rapper "KOJOE" and up-and-coming beat-maker "NARISK" will release "GOLD", a cheering song for Japan's national team in the series "Willchair Rugby" on July 23.

The song was created by the two who agreed to the "GOLD PROJECT" to promote the development and appeal of "Para-sport" and actually experienced and interacted with the players of the wheelchair rugby.

Welchair rugby is called "Murder Ball".
KOJOE and NARISK put their souls into the "words" and "sound" of the passionate feelings of the players who are seriously facing the sport that is fraught with danger.

The name of the song and the name of the project, "GOLD", is a wish for all the athletes of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and all the people of Japan to aim for their own GOLD and shine.

The GOLD PROJECT supports the Japanese delegation to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

< What is the GOLD PROJECT? >
The GOLD PROJECT is a project led by Shinichiro Tanaka, a doctor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, to enliven "para-sports" with the power of music and images.
(*Dr. Shinichiro Tanaka is the team doctor of the Willchair Rugby team and a board member of the Japan Surfing Association for the Disabled.)

< What is Wilchair Rugby? >
Will-Chair Rugby, also known as Murder Ball, is a fierce sport that is the only para-sport that allows contact play between wheelchairs.
In order to be registered as a player in this sport, one must have a disability in all four limbs.
In other words, a person must have a disability in both arms and legs to be registered as a para-sport athlete, so this is a sport for people with severe physical disabilities.
The Japanese national team won its first bronze medal at the last Rio Paralympics, and is considered the most likely candidate for the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.

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  • Kojoe

    Kojoe Born in Niigata, Japan and raised in Queens, New York, Kojoe was signed to the independent label RAWKUS in New York in 2007, but RAWKUS later closed down. He returned to Japan in 2009 and has performed with numerous artists using his highly skilled rap style that mixes English and Japanese, and uses both rapping and singing. In November 2005, he released the album "here," which includes the Japanese rap anthem of the year "BoSS RuN DeM," and started his career as a mix engineer. He also graced the cover of the professional magazine "Sound & Recording". Now, he is not only a beat maker but also a producer, and has worked with such artists as ³ellowBucks, BUPPON, and MuKuRo. While releasing his first beat tape series and solo EP, in 2021, he will build a recording studio in his Cadillac and start a project "Russeluno Presents "STUDIO CADILLAC "Russeluno Presents "STUDIO CADILLAC"".

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    BEAT MAKER / DJ / MUSIC PRODUCER based in Fukuoka, Japan. He is the owner of the "Pros & Cons" label. Influenced by R&B, JAZZ, and classical music, he produces mellow and dope music based on HIP HOP. He has provided music for Kojoe's "24", Senjinsho's "BOY MEETS WORLD - REMIX" CD, RYKEY DADDY DIRTY's "ALL GODS BLESS ME", Japanese Magenies' "NAMBA", MuKuRo and ¥ellow Bucks' works. and ³ellow Bucks. He also released a joint album "It's Tough Being a Man" with FREEZ, a joint album "FukOki" with CHOUJI, a joint album "MELODIC HEAVEN" with PEAVIS, and many instrumental He has also released a number of instrumental albums.

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