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In the summer of 20XX, the world was plagued by abnormal weather, scorching the streets with relentless heat. And amidst it all, two brave young boys rise to the challenge!

Enter TAROLIN, the master of KEMONO-POP, with his latest creation - a refreshing J-CORE track that carries the essence of summer's breeze!

Delivering the enchanting vocals is none other than Mao Komiya! Renowned in the realm of game music, her previous collaboration with TAROLIN garnered much acclaim, showcasing her undeniable talent.

This musical masterpiece portrays the thrilling adventure of two boys braving the scorching city. Don't miss the moment their courage and friendship intertwine!

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Blue Universe

iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 3 • 24 Oct 2023

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Gensou Teien -Fantasy Park-