2. Moonquake
  3. I'm Too Cute For Everyone To See
  4. Sweetie Sweetie
  5. So Then? So What?
  6. Craziest In My Life
  7. Poisonin Bout' Me
  8. Have A Lot Of Influence On Space
  9. Happy Birthday To Me
  10. Implications

This 2nd album "MOONLIT MOON" expresses how MOON reaches everyone, and how MOON is in the spotlight of the world.
Poising everyone beautiful but dangerous charm like roses, while she bounces off the stars.
Don't miss the first step that will invite you to a new world that is attracting attention not only Earth, but in all of space.


MOON was born as a cat singer on February 9 in 2017. She has more than 1000 followers on Instagram. Her debut single "MOON" was sold on her 1st birthday. And on December 21 2018, the 1st album "MOON LIGHT" has been released. 2nd single "Happy Birthday To Me / Implications" was sold on her 2nd birthday. It became popular on Tik Tok, and many fans make own Tik Tok video to celebrate their own birthday with it. And she released 2nd album "MOONLIT MOON" on December 20 in 2019. Don't miss her new challenge and growing!

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