1. Freesia flowers
  2. longing
  3. tukiyo-no-kaidan
  4. sangaamami

Another song was born from Koza.
The long-awaited 1st mini album will be released on December 25, 2019!

A singer-songwriter Naoyuki Fukuda, a charming singer-songwriter, is the first mini-album to be a collection of works. It is composed mainly of ballads singing softly, such as `` Flower of Freesia '' thinking of a dead mother from the viewpoint of a woman, `` longing '' expressing the end of love, `` Sanga Amami '' singing feelings for roots Amami. ing. With guest musicians such as violins, pianos and rhythm sections centered on the acoustic and sanshin performed by himself, he created a nostalgic sound reminiscent of folk and new music from the 70s and 80s. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy the complex emotions mixed with the hope of living and the frustration.
All 4 songs included

1. Freesia flower
2. Longing
3. Staircase to the Moon
4. Sanga Amami

Yasuyuki Fukuda

Yasuyuki Fukuda Born in Okinawa City. He grew up with his father from Amami Oshima and his mother from Koza. During his childhood, he became acquainted with Nami and Kayo songs under the influence of his father. Began playing guitar at the rock concert held at the gate of Koza in elementary school. In high school, she listens to Sadao China's bye-bye Okinawa and begins sanshin. Since then, while learning Sanshin, Koto, and folk instruments, he has collaborated with artists of various genres. While working as a singer-songwriter, he also has a face as a teacher of the Ryukyu Music Association.

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