A new take on the Japanese fairy tale "Kaguya-hime".

Overflowing with loneliness and sorrow, the composition includes traditional instruments like taiko drums, koto and flute, to bring this old Japanese tale back to life.


This conceptual band draws you in to a familiar fairy tale world... or so you thought? In fact the free-spirited MiRi has taken these tales and reinvented them, bringing brand new worlds to life; the like of which have never been seen or heard before. You, the spectator, are invited in to these "rewritten" worlds. The fantastical world view OGK creates with his composition is paired with MiRi's unexpectedly deep yet delicate voice, and an aggressive band sound. From this miracle collaboration is born an intense originality and an egotistical perspective that cannot be found anywhere else. Comparing these brand-new fairy tales to the ones you know and love as you listen, makes for an enchanting musical experience.

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