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A song with an ally Ysoultruth as a guest.It pursues the good points of R&B, and the beat is a vibe that is common to Neo-Seoul, and it is a song for a wide range of audiences with catchy melodies.

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iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 7 • 17 Jun 2022

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Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 17 Jun 2022

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    Until 2021, he belonged to the R&B chorus group FREAK.He is currently working with his twin brother as R&B duo "R104" and is also active as a solo artist. An R&B singer with a sexy and soulful voice and a unique worldview.

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    GENKI ITOの他のリリース
  • Ysoultruth

    Ysoultruth He has been fascinated by black music since childhood, and has used his outstanding R&B skills to perform not only as an R&B singer, but also as a beatmaker and songwriter, but also as a multi-player who performs mixing and mastering. Yuki Ito of Fukuoka's R&B chorus group "FREAK" and Kay of MAVRIQ are also members of the R&B project "Total Lunar Eclipse."

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