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Bardin Beatzから客演にラッパーのMementoとROTZZZを迎えた楽曲「Real」

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  • Bardin Beatz

    Bardin Beatz is a 21 year old producer/beatmaker based in Tokyo. He has contributed songs to various artists, including Lil Jap's Life Teacher, which has received over 120,000 views on YouTube, and Vega KfK's Chedder Cheese, which has received about 40,000 views on his YouTube channel 03- Performance. He also has a YouTube channel +81 Sessions, where he performs songs with Bardin Beatz beats, and Japanese HipHop legend SEEDA gives him advice. He is also a Video Editor for the YouTube channels Nito tokyo, Ray Blog, and SEEDA. Bardin Beatz's main music compositions Lil Jap - Teacher of Life Vega KfK - Chedder Cheese SHO - Hosei University Dropout SHO - Yellow Kanye Loud Santana - Headache JETG - jersey racer JETG - intro(feat. Bardin Beatz) Link Hood & Bardin Beatz - Summer roll Bardin Beatz & 99999 Beatz - Summer roll

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