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"So Young" marks Asuka Louis' first release in approximately one year. The track is a hiphop-style beat produced by "ross gossage," who has been active on platforms like Youtube as a track maker. Asuka Louis himself adds arrangements such as organ and strings, creating a song produced with a different approach.

Through Asuka Louis' unique arrangement, the elements of pops are skillfully incorporated into J-pop, resulting in a highly original piece of music. The lyrics focus on occasional childlike behavior even as one grows and becomes an adult, particularly emphasizing scenes of romance. These lyrics, born from a distinct perspective, are likely to resonate with many young listeners.

Asuka Louis' new song "So Young" is a work that conveys his growth and evolution, and it is expected to garner widespread support, primarily from the younger generation of Japanese people. We should keep an even closer eye on his future activities.

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  • Asuka Louis

    A hip-hop artist from Tokyo in 2002. Based in Atlanta, USA, he is influenced by US Hip Hop and works on music production. He has a global element that incorporates Japanese, Korean, and English into his lyrics, and is a remarkable new generation artist who is expected to make a leap in 2022. Prior to his artist career, he was a famous Vlogger as "MICK", with more than 230,000 subscribers. Among them, "Asian Racism Social Experiment", which attracted a great deal of attention worldwide, has reached 10 million views, which has had a great impact on the issue of racial discrimination all over the world. In 2021, MICK finished his YouTube channel and started his musical career as "Asuka Louis". His first EP "ROCK BAZOOKA !!!" was completed in an amazing week and was released on August 24, 2021.

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