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The third new song to be released in 2023 is now available for download.
This is the first release in three months since the last single "Natsu Tenshi", which was released for download. The song has an intense and unparalleled loud sound with a full-on slap bass by Magil Seiji, the vocals by Rio Shimokawa, which mixes rap and shouts, and a catchy song development. The song is a superb, unparalleled song that only Failure Humans could have created.
In 2009, the band entered the final of "Senko Riot" and won the special judge's Erena Natsumi Award. 2010 saw the band move to Tokyo, where they have since been actively performing at live houses in the city. In 2013, they released their first nationally distributed album, "Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo. The last Nagomu's Genetics
The album was highly acclaimed as "the last Nagomu's genetic child". In 2014, they provided music for and appeared in the movie "Obake" directed by Yuwari Sakamoto, and in 2015, "I want telekinesis !!!!!! ~In 2015, "Telekinesis Desire" was adopted as the theme song for the NHK E-television drama "Telekinesis Kazoku", attracting a great deal of attention from outside the live house scene.
Since then, they have released numerous works, and on February 28, 2021, they successfully held a solo live performance at USEN STUDIO COAST in Shinkiba, the largest capacity venue in their career. The group has undergone several member changes, and currently consists of two members, Rio Shimokawa and Koji Majiru. Their single "Kono mama ni taisetai" (I want to stay like this), released last September, reached the 25th position on the Oricon Weekly Singles Ranking on September 19, the highest ranking of their career, and their future activities are attracting attention.
Their future activities are attracting a lot of attention.
The Vo singer Rio Shimokawa also writes a column "I can't be a monohon player" on Skream.

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Saint Guillotine

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  • Za Ninngenn

    挫・人間は2008年、高校1年生だった下川を中心に熊本で結成され、翌2009年には「閃光ライオット」決勝大会に進出し、特別審査員・夏未エレナ賞を受賞。2010年には活動の拠点を東京に移し、以降、都内ライブハウスを中心に積極的なライブ活動を展開する。2013年には初の全国流通盤となる、1stフルアルバム「苺苺苺苺苺」を発表。「最後のナゴムの遺伝子」と巷で評価される。また2014年には坂本悠花里監督の映画「おばけ」に楽曲提供すると同時に出演を果たし、2015年には「念力が欲しい!!!!!!~念力家族のテーマ」がNHK Eテレのドラマ「念力家族」の主題歌に採用されるなど、ライブハウスシーン以外からも大きな注目を集め、8月には、2ndフルアルバム「テレポート・ミュージック」を発表する。挫・人間のライヴの定番曲が多数収録された本作でアングラ色を払拭し、巷のロックバンドには真似できない挫・人間ならではのオリジナリティを確立する。以降多数の作品をリリースし、昨年開催した全国ツアー“挫・人間 TOUR 2020 ~さような来世!風と共に去りヌンティウス~”を最後にアベマコト(ベース)が脱退し、11月に新メンバーとしてマジル声児、スローセックス石島が加入。2曲入り配信シングルを3作品リリースし、2021年2/28にはキャリア史上最大キャパの新木場USEN STUDIO COASTでワンマンLIVEを成功させる。4/1早くも新加入のドラマー石島が脱退。

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