1. Still Dreaming
  2. Luv ¥a
  3. Dislike if not
  4. like this
  5. flower

Free EP "MOTION" will be distributed from "WHISKY BOYz", who will be releasing the 1st ALBUM "EMOTION" on 11/13/2019 !!

<<MOTION = Signal>>
This work was produced as a cue for the 1st ALBUM announcement.
"I will die someday, live until that time"
It is a work that unraveled the most difficult and simple theme.
What is really important for people to live with their hands together?
Beat is produced by ACE CROW a.k.a.LILY BEATz, who is also a member of all songs.
The emotional Beat and the emotional Lyric are the bridge to EMOTION.


Formed in 2010 with the same generation who played Live at Club in Saitama. Activities at 4MC centered on "Kawagoe G-STYLE". Since 2012, "ACE CROW" and "TAKU-G" 2MC have performed live at various events such as Saitama, clubs in Tokyo, outdoor and local festivals. "ACE CROW aka LILY BEATz" that cherishes its own experience and sympathy with listeners, and "TAKU-G" who lives on the back and front of modern society, accepts the good and evil seen with his own eyes and sings. The song of "WHISKY BOYz", which is made mainly by such two people, sings dreams, hopes and sometimes realistic things to listeners. Basically DIY style of making tracks and videos. Released a 1st mix CD "KOTOZUTE" in 2016 with various events and Live.

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