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"Elementary particles" is a masterpiece that condenses the world view of haru. Where does the soul that remains after a tangible life go? Your loved one may still be by your side.
The collaboration with the wonderful performance of the Japanese musical instrument unit "Otogi" is also attractive. The tone of the Japanese musical instrument and the transparent singing voice of haru. Gently snuggle up to the deep memories that I don't want to forget but can't reveal.
Tears are shed when they are released.
Please feel free to shed tears by listening to "elementary particles".

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  • haru.kobayashi

    Loss of vision due to retinitis pigmentosa in 2008. Music activity resumed in 2014. haru. Makes songs with the themes of "people," "life," and "encounters." Everyone has a memory of wanting to shed tears. So that you can gently snuggle up to such memories and meet your loved ones in your heart. I want it to be a song that triggers tears. Ten or fifty years later, even if the next generation of children grow up, we aim to create a song that can be close to the thoughts of their hearts. In 2019, he became a Buddhist priest of the Jodo Shinshu Honganji school, and the world view of haru. Is expanding. February 22, 2019 1st album "elementary particles" released 2016 ZEST Seasonal Song Contest Winner Winner of the 2019 Gold Concert Music Award Received the 2020 Radio NIKKEI "Adult Band Award" Excellence Award Many live performances at various events May 26, 2021 2nd album "UTATABI" released

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