trip out !!

  1. trip out !!
  2. Strain
  3. What's Going On -In Your Mind?-
  4. I Wonder
  5. You Took My Heart
  6. I Want What You Wouldn't Give
  7. Please To Meet You
  8. But I Hate Your Friends
  9. Withdrawl Symptoms
  10. Mabe I Still Alive
  11. Where My Darlin' Is Now
  12. Upon A Hill
  13. trip out !! -Ending-
  14. Freaking Is Right
  15. Upon A Hill -Inst version-

The 1st album of the merseyside mojo band was formed sticking to the sounds of the good old 60's.
The design of the album jacket was made by the artist, Miss Endo Mame.
If you like 60's sounds, we want you to listen to this album.
We just want to make you smile.

merseyside mojo band

We are the tribute band of the 60's Sounds. Our songs are all original songs.

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