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The unmastered version of "Kuro Usagi" that appeared as a single cut by Kakukai is now available.
Available for viewing on various subscriptions.

The story unfolds in a positive manner, capturing the voices of the heart that occur in everyday life from a realistic perspective.

It can be said that this song is truly filled with his unique world view.

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    Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1982. Raised in American Village, Osaka. Aiming to be a person with a hundred livelihoods by using various expression activities such as apparel brand "MINORITY" and creative space "EARTH DIVER" while being exposed to music since elementary school and currently expressing music as a musician Parade through the present age. Words and expressions born from unique perspectives and interpretations can never fit into the common sense of modern society, and they comfortably betray the growing mundane expectations. Music career His music soaked in the dope world of Osaka American Village formed a president crew group and made the club scene with his own friends. It starts from the place that hosts 5 regular parties a month. The RAP unit 2 fuck full monty formed with its member KZO also appeared on FM802 and Minami Wheel, but became a legendary mixture band [paisley monkey or chestra] that broke up in just half a year. In addition, he is the frontman of the American Village Homey Ambient Different Dimension Band [Space Forest], each of which is a dub band formed from the pursuit of expression Michikusa Dub. Currently, he is active as "WATER HOLE SAVAN NAH" with "Rock Band Okan" vocal DAI who succeeded in live performances at Osaka-jo Hall as well as underground. Activities extend overseas, such as decorating the finale of the 100,000-person festival "ROCK IN TAICHUNG" held in Taiwan. April 2016 Launched independent label "EARTH DIVER MUSIC". September 2017 Released 1st AL "MINORITY" under the solo name of "Kumi". Karaoke JOYSOUND with 4 songs from this album Combination AL Music is crazy 2 songs from. In 2019, he announced a style called Think different, which was built with only the keyboard and voice. In 2020, YAVZ.COM was invited as a track maker and the 2nd AL THE IMAGE BOOK was released. In 2021, YAVZ.COM will be invited as a track maker and the 3rd ALBUM HEIKAN will be released.

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