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TOWA TEI's 8th album in total. Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, Keigo Oyamada, Yoshinori Sunahara, LEO Imai, UA, Masaya of MAISON KITSUNE and other gorgeous artists will participate in this work, which combines the "POP" of TOWA TEI with the "CUTE" of the album title. Also, it contains the dance music that he wants to listen to most.

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Apple Music • Electronic Top Albums • Dominican Republic • TOP 5 • 16 May 2024 iTunes Store • Electronic TOP ALBUMS • United Kingdom • TOP 8 • 28 Mar 2024 Apple Music • Electronic Top Albums • Malaysia • TOP 142 • 26 Mar 2024 Apple Music • Electronic Top Albums • Taiwan • TOP 154 • 6 Apr 2024 Apple Music • Electronic Top Albums • China • TOP 178 • 28 Feb 2024


iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 60 • 14 Feb 2024

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    In 1990, as a member of Deee-Lite, he made his U.S. debut with the album "World Clique". Currently, he has 10 solo albums, 3 albums under the name Sweet Robots Against the Machine, and the first album of METAFIVE. In addition, he has supervised the music for the interior of INTERSECT BY LEXUS-TOKYO in Aoyama, Tokyo from September 2013 to the present. In 2019, he worked with Tomoo Gokita on the key visuals for Haruomi Hosono's 50th anniversary documentary film "NO SMOKING" and "SAYONARA AMERICA" in 2021. He also worked on the art direction of Yukihiro Takahashi's best album "GRAND ESPOIR", and was in charge of the musical accompaniment for the Netflix animation "Super Crooks", for which the soundtrack disc "SUPER CROOKS (SOUND TRACK FROM THE The year 2021 will conclude with an EP following the overseas release of his 10th LP. Translated with (free version)

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