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"Spring Has Come" is a piece for Marimba and Piano. The theme of this piece is the spring landscape imagined by a composer. The piece is making an impassioned appeal to you melodious, rhythmic, and sentimental mood of the spring. The spring will surely come someday... no matter how difficult time is... This is a strong message by composer Fumihiro Ono.
Composition/ Marimba/ Mastering: Fumihiro Ono
Piano: Moni
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Spring Has Come ~for Marimba and Piano~

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  • Fumihiro Ono

    Fumihiro Ono - Percussionist /Composer is active soloist and his compositions are gaining worldwide recognition. He has lived in Berlin since 2014 and takes part in contemporary music concerts. He composes for orchestra, chamber music, dance and theatre. He graduated from Showa University of Music in Japan with a degree in Classical Percussion. His works, which combine both well-known styles and new compositional methods, have received awards: With his compositions, he won 1st prize at the 14th PAS Italy Percussion Competition at the Cat. C: Snare drum (2016 and at the 15th PAS Italy Percussion Composition Competition (2017). He signed with HoneyRock in the USA (2019), making his international debut as a composer with the following works: "Clock Speed" ~for solo snare drum~ and "Ko Da Ma" ~a small piece for solo marimba~ Future developments and releases of works are planned and gain worldwide attention.

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