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April 2016, the application rate in Toyohashi Technical High School were declining.
Wishing of "making local children interest to create hand-made things", the comic draws 4 girl students belongs to plastic model club(abbrev. Mokebu) of fictional high school "Toyohashi Tech high school", set in Toyohashi has started on EchoTech magazine, which is ultrasonic cutter introduction book.
Gathered information of sceneries, friends and school memories, place and food's recommendation in Toyohashi announced by FM Yashinomi, newspaper's company, Toyohashi Aoharu information bureau, and many peoples, we made a song and as school song project of Toyohashi Tech high school(abbrev. Mokebu), we register to let many peoples to hear the song.
This time, we made a ghost singer ver. and now planning to make a formal version, sing by students in Toyohashi.
February 2021, Toyohashi Tech high school has authorized as city promotion project, which is to promotion Toyohashi.
Since July 2018, we are selling a comic "Mokebu actograph" mingled VOL1~VOL9 episodes at local book stores, lapping Mokebu design on garbage collection truck running in Toyohashi,
we have strongly focused to Toyohashi.
Currently, we are actively working for sound-branding, making radio CM(Local FM Yashinomi(FM Toyohashi) and audible magazine appointing voice actor, and this song project is also a part of
this branding.