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A coquettish little devil beauty who tosses men with just her beauty, Up-tempo Japanese hard rock layered with Medusa, the fairy of Greek mythology who is said to turn anyone who looks into her eyes into stone. However, this Medusa is actually my beloved cat who lived to be 100 years old. A song with a refreshing percussive guitar inspired by the Cat whisper in my ear. Please listen to it.

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LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 デイリー • Japan • TOP 1 • 19 Mar 2024 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 リアルタイム • Japan • TOP 1 • 1 Jan 2024 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 ウィークリー • Japan • TOP 8 • 18 Jun 2024

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  • Masashi MIZUKAWA

    MIZUKAWA Masashi /JapaneseMusician / Singer-songwriter /Guitar playing and Singing/ He started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and started singing with a guitar and writing lyrics and composing music in high school. His guitar sound is strongly influenced by overseas electric guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Spanish guitar master Paco de Lucía, and guitarist Al Di Meola. In addition, when it comes to old songs such as Japanese nursery rhymes and piano instrumental music, he prefers Bach and Chopin, and is influenced by his compositions. He plays the three roles of guitar, drums, and bass with a single guitar while singing, and has a unique playing style that includes plucking strokes and arpeggios, as well as alternate picking with the nail of his index finger. His one-man live performance is based on the principle of Guitar playing and Singing. He is currently performing over 300 recreation concerts a year at welfare facilities. In 2014,his Rich and Beauty Singing Voice was highly praised at a live house in Los Angeles. In September 2022, the original ballad [Forget Me Not] will be released in the Republic of Slovenia in Europe.Charted in [J-POP Top 39]. In addition, 5 other original songs also ranked in the TOP 200, and He is expanding their activities overseas. The MV for [Never Ending Journey], which is currently being distributed, has been ranked in the real-time [1st place] (highest ranking)/weekly [10th place] in Japan's LINE MUSIC music video category. The one-shot MV for [PURE], which began distribution in November 2023, also ranked in real time [1st place] (highest ranking)/weekly [4th place]. In addition, the [Medusa] MV, which began distribution in January 2024, also ranked in real time [1st place] (highest ranking) / weekly [13th place]. Other original songs are being distributed worldwide on distribution sites such as Apple Music. Please come and discover MIZUKAWA's original sound, which is created by mixing the emotions of old Japanese songs with the influence of innovative guitar sounds from overseas!

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