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Starting from being alone, grasping the acoustic guitar, playing... "My story" that was born. In such an era, precisely because it is an era like this, hesitation, looking back on the past, and wishing for the future, I ran a pen, "My story". What he wanted to set out was the story of "Uchidama Masanori" himself. This song is about living, trying to live, just like you There is a human being, "Uchida Masanori". It is also your own story. "Your story"... feel it.

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  • masanori uchida

    Singer-songwriter "Masanori Uchida" (born in Shizuoka Prefecture). She formed the band Orgasmus in 2002 and started her music career. After that, she formed the band "Yume Urara" in 2014 and the band "Pavilion" in 2021, and after performing band activities such as numerous events and independent live performances, she started her solo career as Masanori Uchida in January 2023. . On March 23, 2023, he released his solo debut, the 1st Digital Single mayoigumo. On May 6, 2023, she released her 2nd Digital Single "Tomorrow I Want to Hear Your Voice." On June 10, 2023, she performed her first one-man live Hajimari no Monogatari as a solo artist. will be held at LIVE STAGE GUILTY. On the same day, a mini-album Boku no Monogatari with 5 songs including the 1st and 2nd singles will be released in advance, and a CD limited to the LIVE venue will be released in advance! The mini-album ``My Story'' fully displays the acoustic sound that is the basis of singer-songwriter ``Masanori Uchida'', with a ``natural voice'' that seems to be flowing from the heart, and a three-piece band groove. blows simply and hotly into the air. 5-TRACK (5-SONGS) imagines (creates) the future we should walk in as people, thinks about the past, and depicts it through all of her sounds. And at the heart of such music are Uchida's "words." Do you like his music? He is here, just like you, a person who is living and trying to live to the best of his ability, ``Uchida Masa's Nori''. It's also your own story. Please feel "your story". Please pay attention to his future activities such as releasing a mini-album and holding a one-man live just six months after starting his solo career!

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