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  • Gum Girl

    The band of the man and woman twin vocal whom I formed mainly on Gt. Yoshida spindle tree in April, 2017. I release "a.medama EP" becoming first EP after a member change in June, 2019. The release events carried out with release in Shinjuku SAMURAI are sold out. I release EP including a musical piece "flanger" by the Mr. Gt.Vo. Ichiro produce of the Tokyo carane colon as the first distribution work in the self planning which I held in February, 2020 and announce the holding of the Higashisaka release event in Shimokitazawa BASEMENTBAR, Shinsaibashi Pangea. I announce the withdrawal of (Dr.) at Tebayan (Syn.Vo.), the time in November, 2020. I make you Syn.Vo. Momoko guest vocal of CoCoCinema in a 3.4 month in 2021 and announce the two months consecutive delivery single release. I am elected on Apple Music and iTunes by an attention truck and I enter the list in an official playlist a lot in Spotify and recruit topics. I was elected all-out in 2021 of "the pop Japan by TOP3 of "Best glitter Songs of 2021" of the summary, and, as for "the runaway trip that I released," Spotify formula playlist attracted attention shiningly" on this occasion. I announce the second consecutive year of appearance to SAKAE SP-RING which is a circuit festival largest in Tokai district hosted by ZIP-FM and make Mao of Ag.Vo. a new member from SAKAE SP-RING2021 and announce the live activity resumption. The release event that I announce the three months consecutive delivery-limited single release from September, 2021 and call it to peanut butters, pop nevers die guest in Shimokitazawa THREE in November and held is sellout. I call Conton Candy, Ezoshika Gourmet Club to a guest in January, 2022 and hold self planning in Shimokitazawa BASEMENTBAR and end in the prosperity. I achieve the third consecutive year of election in SAKAE SP-RING2022 in June of the year, and the appearance venue is full. The self planning which I call POP ART TOWN, YENMA to a guest in a month in eight a year in the same year and held in commemoration of the organization fifth anniversary in Shimokitazawa BASEMENTBAR is sold out. Appearance is decided in the "MINAMI WHEEL 2022" which is live showcase Festival largest in Japan hosted by FM802. A musical piece is elected two years in a row in December of the year by total summary "Best of glitter pop 2022" of the Spotify formula playlist of 2022, is a band with the force now.

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