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Bright Sound This is a limited-edition song that will be the second work of the young artist Sana who is expected. The first work, Always, is a love for the teacher, and this time Irodre Sekai is a work for a classmate. Also pay attention to the real lyrics of the graduation ceremony. This work was also composed and composed by U-to of Most Lady Killer.

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  • Sana

    Passed the Bright Sound audition and joined the office in January 2018. An artist who feels great potential in his clear voice. LINE stamps and can badges of the original characters are also on sale. It has been decided that he will be appointed as the image character of the association that escapes from NPO Utsu disease and opens the way for hope in the future. Released 1st Digital Single Always, which will debut on December 19, 2018. And on March 13, 2019, the 2nd Digital Single Irodorusekai was released. Formed a sister unit Rain x Drop with Bright Sound artist yuka, and released Sana main song Rain and yuka main song Drop on June 26, 2019. And Always and Irodor Sekai were used as the ending theme song of MUSE9, which is being broadcast on terrestrial TV terrestrial digital 3ch. (Chiba TV) from April 2019 and former AKB48's Ayaka Umeda is the main MC. It was also used for the CM tie-up of MUSE9. Also, in April 2020, he released his first national CD with "Time Limit / Okay". Also released the 4th limited-edition song Again. He continues to grow as an artist who is expected to play an active role in the future.

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Bright Sound