Tricky Boy friend (feat. Ai Onae)

  1. Tricky Boy friend (feat. Ai Onae)

>> July 17 release! Single "Tricky boyfriend feat. Ai Onae / Hinata Monaka"
We welcome the Two piece rock band 'POLTA'Vocal Ai Onae to our guests!
Pop-ness scandal Chinese-style Lo-Fi dance tune released from new label OKOME'tic

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>> New Total Label OKOME'tic Launched!
 We have guest for 5 consecutive months, monthly, daily English version, MV every release.
Guest vocals include Haru(DIALUCK), Ai Onae (POLTA), Amai Wana, Yuna, Maryy, Okome (LONDON)
Natalia Natchan (USA)Remix with Dan konopka (OK Go)and other overseas singers and remixes.
Representative and composer produce Hinata Monaka

Monaka Hinata

After working as a band and a solo artist, started working as a composer, producer and truck maker in 2013. Launched new project OKOME'tic from June 2019 and released 12 titles continuously. Music video design, produced by a team of artists and creators. Each time, all the works and connected stories with guest vocals from Japan and overseas. Guest> Guest vocals: Yuna, Haru(DIALUCK), Ai Onae (POLTA), Maryy, Wana Amai,Okome (LONDON) Natalia Natchan (USA) Liel Bar-Z (Israel), Remix by Dan konopka (OK Go), Chorus with Yui(BakuBakuDokin)

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