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Hayabusa2 Symphonic Rock Odyssey

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In honor of the return of the asteroid probe Hayabusa2 and its great achievements, Rocco Canvas brings you original video and music. On December 6, 2020, Hayabusa2 successfully delivered the return capsule containing samples collected from the asteroid Ryugu to Earth. The collected Ryugu particles are studied all over the world as important samples for elucidating the origin of the solar system and the origin of life, and their research results are being published one after another. It has been announced that the sand and stones brought back to earth from the asteroid Ryugu contain a large amount of water, and are still in the same state as they were in shortly after the formation of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago. It's an achievement that could provide clues to solving the mysteries surrounding where the water in the Earth's oceans came from and the formation of the solar system. The Hayabusa2 project is not yet finished. After leaving the asteroid Ryugu, the probe continues its flight to the next asteroid. The probe will arrive at that asteroid in 2031. More recent exciting news is that the SLIM lunar probe landed safely on the surface of the Moon with pinpoint accuracy! I will continue to watch and support Japanese space exploration.

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Hayabusa2 Symphonic Rock Odyssey

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