So we play loud now!

  1. Kakusei suru sonzai
  2. Better days
  3. Johnny Hates
  4. Lost & Found
  5. Don't paint your picture blank, tonight
  6. 17
  7. Painless pain
  8. Kids meal
  9. Fade out
  10. Fall in the starlight
  11. Driving in my head

First album of The Everything Breaks, they'd sung songs in English. Loud sound & soul!

The Everything Breaks

The Everything Breaks was formed in 2012. Members were Tomohiro Kondo(Vo), Koji Takahashi(Dr), Shuhei Onga(B), Shinobu Sayama(EG). They released 1mini album,1full album, 3maxi single, then they broke up in December 15th,2015.

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